Health & Safety

wb5Wesbank Transport is committed to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination safe and without any setbacks. Similarly, we place great value on the health and safety of all our employees. In this regard, extensive occupational health and safety procedures have been implemented.

Our vehicles are fitted with vehicle tracking, radio and other communication devices. This also enables us to keep track of  where your consignment is at any given period. Drivers can contact us immediately in the event of an emergency.

Our emergency number is operational at all times:

+264 (0) 81 9100.

safe4Our drivers are competent and undergo regular safety training to eliminate possible work-related health and safety risks. Wesbank Transport has its in-house Driver Trainer / Instructor and implemented various preventative measures to reduce injuries, loss and damage. Incidents are thoroughly evaluated in terms of the extent of the damage, the causes and the response. In this way our safety procedures are continually being improved to eliminate all risk involved in transporting cargo.

Safety measures include:

  • Continual improvement through health/safety promotions, training and development.
  • Effective Emergency Response Procedures and Planning.
  • Establishment of a non-conformance reporting system and early warning procedure.
  • Environmental protection alertness.
  • Compliance to the requirements as set in a ISO certification process.

Wesbank Transport is also committed in providing the necessary personal protective equipment to our employees to safely perform the tasks which the industry requires.



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