Sustainable transport (or green transport) refers to any means of transport with low impact on the environment. Wesbank Transport is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and therefore aims to make a positive contribution to the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the communities we serve. Transport systems have significant impacts on the environment, accounting for between 20% and 25% of world energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. The social costs of transport include road crashes, air pollution, physical inactivity and vulnerability to fuel price increases. Traffic congestion imposes economic costs by wasting people’s time and by slowing the delivery of goods and services.


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Rates on cargo transported are determined either by weight, volume, value  or distance, depending on the type of cargo. All goods transported are covered by a limited transito insurance cover to provide for the risk of accidents, fire and hijacking. Cargo should be well-packed and sensitive cargo should be adequately packed to qualify for handling and long distance transport. […]
Health & Safety
Wesbank Transport is committed to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination safe and without any setbacks. Similarly, we place great value on the health and safety of all our employees. In this regard, extensive occupational health and safety procedures have been implemented. Our vehicles are fitted with vehicle tracking, radio and other communication devices. This […]