Short Haul

Our Short Haul services cover the local transport needs and specialised vehicle deliveries nationwide. Wesbank Transport has successfully established a one-stop-shop approach to handle cargo transhipment, open-yard storage, warehousing, including bonded warehousing. Clearing can be arranged.  Short Haul services include the handling of all transport, administration and negotiations with agents, local short/middle distance transport of any type of containerised cargo and break-bulk transportation, clearing and forwarding,  container depots,  as well as warehousing services, which include deliveries and collections.

Wesbank Transport offers daily transportation of break bulk and containerised cargo to the respective uranium mines within the Erongo Region.

We make use of various specialised equipment to load, offload and transport cargo including side-lifters, contransmatic trailers, flatbeds, reach stackers, fork-lifts and mobile cranes.


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Material Handling
Wesbank Transport engages a full range of the latest equipment consisting of reach-stackers, forklifts and mobile cranes with the capacity range of 15 to 220 tonnes. Abnormal Loads With a fleet of specialised vehicles, Wesbank is the preferred choice for abnormal transport requirements in the area. From oversized cargo up to 100 tonnes,  to more sensitive commodities; […]
Chemical Logistics
Wesbank Transport provides specialised transport for hazardous cargo destined to and from mining operations in Namibia. We currently supply three of the most prominent mining groups in Namibia. This includes the transportation of chemicals such as sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, peroxide, cyanide and caustic soda/lye, to mention a few. Pneumatic tankers and trailers of the latest design and […]
Long Haul
Our Long Haul services include Abnormal loads, Cross Border Transit and  National transport, i.e. Namibia. Wesbank Transport operates anywhere in Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa and at times when required, to other Southern African countries. Our depots located in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Windhoek and Walvis Bay, form the backbone of our transport management approach, as […]